To some, he is just the simple Speaker of the House in the Congress of the United States of America, but to others he is John Boehner American Demi God. He is a Republican United States Representative from Ohio's 8th District and is a very prominent figure in American politics.

This prominent and legendary figure was raised in the rural part of Ohio. As a youth, he worked tirelessly in the family business that was owned by his father. The business was a bar and nightclub, named Andy's Cafe. The Speaker inherited this establishment after his father's death, and ran it for a few years. He worked his way through school and college as a cleaning person, serving at a local business. His first professional position was one with a local enterprise named Nucite Sales. After some time there, he became part owner of the operation.

His first election to public office happened in 1982. In that year, he was first elected as a member of the Ohio House of Representatives. In 1980, after winning election, he became a member of the United States House of Representatives. He represented the House's 8th District, from Ohio.

In the year 2006, he won a close victory for the position of Majority Leader among the Republican party. He beat out a long time ally and friend in politics, Roy Blunt, from Missouri. When powerful political leader Tom DeLay decided to step down, it created a power vacuum. Delay was later convicted of campaign fraud and other crimes. He decided to step down from politics and pursue different opportunities.

Boehner, pronounced "Bay-ner, " takes the lead on most issues that come in front of the American government. He serves on many committees. He and his wife Deb have two children, both female. He loves to golf whenever he can find the time.

People of all political parties including Republicans, Democrats and Independents, admit that he is one of the uppermost prominent and influential people in public life today. Whether John Boehner American Demi God can bring real change, and real meaning to Washington life and to the nation's treasury is still an item open for debate.


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